Work Literacy Gap  

In talking with various experts in the worlds of Information Literacy, Information Seeking, Personal Information Management (PIM), Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Personal Learning and others, it seemed that there’s a fairly consistent opinion that once you drill down with most knowledge workers, there’s a gap between how they do their work today and how they might be able to do their work if they took advantage of new(ish) methods, tools, information/expertise sources, collaboration techniques, etc.

Dave Ferguson has asked us to host the Working/Learning blog carnival this month. This is similar to the Big Question on the Learning Circuit’s Blog . Basically, we are soliciting input on this topic in order to gather a variety of perspectives. We will close the question at the end of June.

Thus, we would like to ask for your perspective on:

  1. Does a knowledge work skills gap exist?
  2. If so, what are some examples of where you believe there is opportunity to help individual knowledge workers?
  3. Is this receiving appropriate attention?

Obviously, we wouldn’t have started Work Literacy if we didn’t believe that this gap exists and that it’s not receiving the attention it deserves, but it’s also been somewhat surprising that there’s not more attention and pressure around the topic if it’s as big a problem as it seems. So, we must be missing something, right?

There are several ways to respond:

Option 1 - Simply put your thoughts in a comment below.

Option 2 - Post in your blog (please link to this post) and then put a comment in this blog with an HTML ready link that we can copy and paste (an HTML anchor tag). We will update this post with links.

Responses so far: