Making Your Day More Productive  

I just saw a post by Doug Belshaw - 10 ways to make your working day more productiveand thought - that's a good idea. And it aligns pretty well with some of the things we discuss here. But when I saw Doug's list, I was suddenly worried that I disagreed with about half of the list in terms of whether it would make me more productive.

For me, I find his suggestions of:

1. Don’t read emails

7. Make everything you can, digital

8. Take breaks

9. Drink coffee

10. Prepare well

Work for me, although with email - it's check periodically and then handle quickly or mark for follow-up.

Some of his other suggestions:

2. Read something inspirational

3. Listen to podcasts

4. Use an online to-do list

5. Share everything you do

6. Take pictures

Don't feel like the right things for me. I'm definitely in favor of To Do lists, but they don't need to be online. Podcasts for me are slow and compared with reading - and I'm not in the car/train enough to make use of them when I can't read.