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    [LinkedIn, Social Network] How to Hit the Enterprise 2.0 Bullseye
    The company harnesses this power by creating “internal corporate social networks that accelerate, deepen and extend purposeful relationships around the work that needs to be done. As I’ve written before , I believe that the new crop of digital tools for building, maintaining, and exploiting social networks are both novel and powerful for individuals and enterprises alike. At present most social networking applications – Facebook, Twitter , etc.
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] Performance Analysis And Web 2.0 - 2008 - ASTD
    Mining social networks and professional alliances Social networks of every sort offer the performance analyst an opportunity to advance current work and long-term professional development. Web-based networking sites, like LinkedIn, Plaxo, or Google Groups, offer those with similar interests the ability to create online communal spaces where they can contribute ideas and stay connected beyond the boundaries of a particular project or initiative.
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] Web 2.0 and Maintaining the Integrity of Online Intellectual Property @ WEB 2.0 JOURNAL
    As the creation and distribution of information become more collaborative, dynamic, and social, and as application software evolves to support “mashups” that combine both content and functionality from various sources, traditional definitions of “documents,” their authorship, and their ownership are becoming obsolete. we are now seeing how information -- and operations on information -- are becoming increasingly fluid, flexible, network oriented, and social.
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] KM 0.0 - Simply Enabling Trusted Context-Rich Conversations Among Communities That Care
    Other Blogging Articles · Social Networking / Blogs in Business · Communications & Virtual Presence Technologies. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. December 6, 2007 KM 0.0 - Simply Enabling Trusted Context-Rich Conversations Among Communities That Care KM 1.0: all about content and collection KM 0.0 (PKM):
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] Jumping Over a Mountain |
    Covering social media business strategy and personal power. Keep the people that naturally influence their social groups happy and they will keep the “good buzz&# going. One of the most encouraging realizations, that is happening throughout the social media, including significant numbers of people in the blogosphere and the twitterverse, is that this leap, this nonlinear emergence, this social returning from the fringe to the center, is all about people.
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] I Know It When I See It : Andrew McAfee’s Blog
    Established vendors of collaboration software are modifying their offerings and repositioning them as social software platforms that have all the features and functions necessary to support the new modes of interacting and getting work done. I wrote about the mechanisms of online emergence here and here ; they include linking, tagging, friending (as on Facebook and LinkedIn), and following (as on Twitter). Social bookmarks that transform the act of "searching" into "finding".
    [LinkedIn, Social Network] i-Technology Viewpoint: It's Time to Take the Quotation Marks Off "Web 2.0" @ WEB 2.0 JOURNAL
    after all, means different things to different people: To the programmer , it’s a set of tools and techniques that have the potential for fundamentally altering how network based applications and data are developed, managed, and delivered. I know - I hear about it whenever our home network slows down!) adoption is the recent blog article by Thad Scheer of Sphere of Influence called Monetizing Value of Social Computing in Traditional Industries. Welcome!
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